Work on What You Love: Philadelphia Museum of Art

How can we tell a story that endures over time?

The breadth of Bruce’s 200+ titles is a self-portrait of his wildly diverse design practice, and includes portraits of deeply intimate collaborations with many of the most creative personalities of recent times–of contemporary art and artists, of spectacle and experience, of life and ideas, global architecture and urbanism, museums and galleries, and cinema, as well as his autobiographical book Life Style. The early editions of Bruce’s design work for Zone Books catapulted him into the spotlight of the international design world. Collaborating with Zone Books and MIT Press, Bruce even shifted the paradigm of university press publishing from academic tedium to dynamic tactile experience by bringing content to life with beautiful design.

Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to consider Massive Change Network’s design concepts in relation to their own lives and communities at a work station in the gallery. Additionally, Bruce Mau’s principles will be applied to design-thinking workshops in partnership with cultural organizations around Philadelphia. Focusing on issues specific to our city, the workshops will demonstrate the potential of design to combine aesthetic with ethical and social considerations, and, in the process, bolster the efforts of Philadelphians to foster positive change.