Dreamscape Immersive

How do you tell the story of an experience in a new medium that’s never before been articulated and do it in time for launch?

The rise of streaming and other digital alternatives is killing the movie business. Unless it’s an event, people don’t go to the cineplex. Digital is eating the profits of destination shopping, too. Buyers browse at the mall and then go home to value shop online. What lives at the mall? The cineplex. It’s a double whammy, one Dreamscape hoped to conquer with Virtual Reality, a new way for audiences to engage with content that can’t be replicated at home. To help ensure success, Dreamscape asked MCN to develop a Brand Manifesto + Expression System that would explain VR to customers while also enticing them to leave their homes to experience it.

VR is an immersive experience, and we needed to do the same to understand its pain points and possibilities. So we immersed ourselves in research, site visits, prototyping, and collaborative meetings with partners. Not only is VR a brand new storytelling medium, but Dreamscape is itself a start-up. Everything was evolving simultaneously; we had to continuously adapt to be the team necessary for success. We synthesized quickly, stayed agile, absorbed the team’s passion, and executed in crunch time. Nothing, though, could be set in stone. Fluidity was our mantra, and in the first phase we established a fantastically changeable relationship, even as we created tangible tactical outcomes.

Build the brand. Guide the content. Map the Dreamscape experience. That was our rubric. And because of the thrilling ambiguities associated with a new company, we started by building the very foundations of the brand and its story. Our synthesis and insights revealed that VR’s genius, and emotional grab, is in creating the illusion of being in another place. It tricks the senses and subverts perceptions, possessing the potential to completely transport the viewer. And that was our ticket: adventures in time and space that transport the audience to new realities. It brought us to our story’s initial destination and was fuel for the Brand Manifesto. We explored taglines and identities.
Played with applications, guidelines and activations. Mapped customer journeys and physical touchpoints. We not only created the narrative’s look and feel, but also designed the physical
space that is a Dreamplex. In everything Dreamscape touches, it is a departure gate to adventures in time and space, a story we detailed in the Brand Guide