Freeman Company

What does it mean to be a design-driven enterprise?

When the leadership of the Freeman company, which produces more than half of the major trade shows and exhibits in America, decided the future of their business demanded a higher level of creative services for their customers, they asked Massive Change Network, “How do we get from here to there?”

Our goals were ambitious: to inspire innovative thinking, improve quality of work, reduce costs and enhance the experience of every Freeman customer and employee through design. Working side-by-side with a cross-disciplinary team of Freeman employees, we defined a collaborative workflow process and developed customized tools. Together we fostered a grassroots movement called One Freeman by Design to introduce design thinking principles across the company.

All our work was based on the values of Freeman’s founding family: empathy, integrity, enthusiasm, innovation, operational excellence, and collaboration. These are the values essential to any design-driven enterprise and to our own work as designers with every client.