• Bibiana Ballbe
  • , Jul 2020
  • - TheCreativeNet / La Diferencia

The Creative Fest, Bibiana Ballbe interviews Bruce Mau about MC24

Bruce Mau is a brilliant amalgam of designer, philosopher, curator, author, educator, and visionary 💡. What Bruce does best is provoke, invite, incite, lead, and challenge us to think differently about the world of design and the world of design 🤯. He founded the Institute Without Limits, and that’s where he and his students jointly created the groundbreaking exhibition and best-selling book 👉 Massive Change. His “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” is a 43-point statement on maintaining a creative life that has been translated into 15 languages ​​📕. He is the author of MC24 and co-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network, a Chicago-based holistic design collective 🌎. He is also the Design Director for Freeman, the pioneers in the live branding experience 🏆.⁠ Find out more about him here!