• Bibiana Ballbe
  • , Jul 2020
  • - TheCreativeNet / La Diferencia

The Creative Fest, Bibiana Ballbe interviews Bruce Mau about MC24

Bruce Mau is a brilliant amalgam of designer, philosopher, curator, author, educator, and visionary πŸ’‘. What Bruce does best is provoke, invite, incite, lead, and challenge us to think differently about the world of design and the world of design 🀯. He founded the Institute Without Limits, and that’s where he and his students jointly created the groundbreaking exhibition and best-selling book πŸ‘‰ Massive Change. His “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” is a 43-point statement on maintaining a creative life that has been translated into 15 languages β€‹β€‹πŸ“•. He is the author of MC24 and co-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network, a Chicago-based holistic design collective 🌎. He is also the Design Director for Freeman, the pioneers in the live branding experience πŸ†.⁠ Find out more about him here!