• Jamie Myrold
  • , Nov 2020
  • - Adobe

How “Design with a Capital D” Can Help Us Redesign our World for the Better: An Interview with Bruce Mau

In the world of design, Bruce Mau is unlike any other. During his 30+ year career, he has worked with some of the world’s brightest minds, most influential politicians, biggest companies, and most ambitious social movements – all of whom have been drawn to his view of design “with a capital D.” He is a creative optimist – one who uses design as a multi-disciplinary framework to solve big, global problems.

24 principles for designing massive change

How can we as designers create our own positive changes, big and small? Thankfully, Bruce is not opposed to sharing some of his secrets. He recently published MC24, where he shares 24 principles for designing massive change, in our life, in our work, and in our society. It could not be any more relevant than right now.

I was lucky to connect with Bruce for an interview, where we talked about his career, his book, and his hopes for a world much-changed by the events of 2020. Watch below for a fascinating dive into what it means to practice “life-centered design.” You won’t want to miss it.