• Mercedes Milligan
  • , Sep 2020
  • - Animation Magazine

Fall in Love with Indie Animation with NFB Shorts Online & in OIAF

Later this month and throughout October, a wealth of new content will continue to be made available on Streaming for free and produced by NFB studios across the country, this crop includes: the latest works in The Curve, the timely collection of projects exploring the pandemic; compelling feature-length documentaries; and finely crafted doc and animated shorts.

This fall lineup of highly relevant and profoundly humanistic new works joins the extensive catalogue of more than 4,000 titles already available at — as well as some one hundred interactive works, almost all of which can be viewed online at no charge.

The Curve — NFB creators, with their talent and insight, are bringing to life the voices of Canadians touched by COVID-19, both near and far. This collection is delivering thematically linked works in documentary, animation and digital storytelling formats, being released at various times over the next few months, closely following ongoing developments of this COVID-19 era. Coming September 21:

  • The Big Reset These animated bedtime stories for budding rebels in the post-COVID world present perspectives from four leading thinkers (Armine Yalnizyan, Munira Abukar, David Suzuki and Bruce Mau). The films, running about three minutes each, are produced by the English Program Animation Studio.
  • Economics by Philip Eddolls
  • Governance by Ho Che Anderson
  • Worldviews by Malcolm Sutherland
  • Cities by Lillian Chan