• Karl Woolfenden
  • , Jun 2020
  • - Business Class News

The Future of Live Events

When the Global Pandemic,  COVID-19, placed the industry on hold for the past few months he was amazed at the response that the Freeman company had, and the speed at which they rallied the industry together and created Go Live Together .

In only a few weeks they had an amazing website up and running and over 2000 organizations and companies showed their support, by joining Freeman and they are looking at the future of meetings, trade-shows and events.

Technology has stepped up to meet some of the needs of businesses, but it’s not the complete answer, and Freeman is working with other innovative companies to shape the future of what this industry will become.

Design and innovation is the key to how meetings and events will use technology blended with the human interaction, and Karl talked to Bruce Mau, the Chief Design Officer for Freeman and they touched on these key points that are going to make live events even more effective.