• Ross Drakes
  • , Oct 2020
  • - NiceWork

How we can design a better future

In Episode #27 of One More Question, Ross is joined by designer, philosopher, curator, author, educator and visionary, Bruce Mau.

Across 30 years of design innovation, Bruce has collaborated with leading organizations, heads of state, entrepreneurs, renowned artists, and fellow optimists. He focuses on life-centered design, helping companies curate their truest work, and teaches both students and businesses how to articulate a positive and practical future. He’s designed social movements, brands, businesses, institutions and projects from sustainable carpets to a 1,000-year plan for the future of Mecca.

Ross and Bruce discuss brands as a mark of accountability, how to think about your impact and build a sustainable company, and life-centred design and how to design with the future in mind.